• 5/10
  • Warm Up:
  • Foam Roll
  • 20 Sec Hanging on Bar
  • 10 Kneeling Band Pull Aparts
  • 10 Sprawls
  • x2
  • Strength:
  • Ring Eccentric Pull Ups 2x4
  • L-Sit Legless Rope Climb 2x4
  • Seated Banded Row 10-15 x4
  • WOD:
  •  18min AMRAP
  • 24/20 Cals - 600m Run (alt each round)
  • 40 DU's


5/7Warm Up:Coaches CallBody Weight Skill Work:Single Leg Deck SquatsDragon SquatsPlanksWOD:The Longest Mile'4 Rounds for Time: - 10 Burpees - 100...


5/7Warm UpCore warm Up:Plank offStrength:3 Snatch Slow Pull 250m Rowx4WOD:1 min each with 1 min rest betweenBanded Pull UpsRing RowsRenegade Row...


5/5Warm Up:Coaches Call Strength:Back Squat 2x4Monster Walk 8x4WOD:"Burnside"3 rounds for Quality20 Back Squats (135/85)20 Step Ups 24/30


5/4Warm up:Banded Stretches6 Bear to Bridges5 Banded Shoulder External Ext.4 Deck Squatsx3Strength:Seated Barbell Press 5x4*100m runFloor Alt DB...


5/3Warm Up:Foam Roll & Active MobilityStrength:Ring Pull Ups 3-6x4KB Death March 16x4WOD:30 DU's8 Deadlifts (65/95)30 DU's8 Power Cleans30...


4/30Warm Up:Mobilize - coaches callStrength:Power Clean Complex1 Power Clean1 Hang Power Clean (below the knee)1 Hang Power Clean6 sets, building in...


4/29Warm Up:Active Mobility - Coaches CallStrength:Split Jerk 2x6ATG Split Squats 3x5WOD:200m Run or 10/7 Cals Assault5 OHS (85/115)5 Feet Elevated...


4/28Warm Up:mobilizeGymnastics:4-8 L Sit Pull UpsGHD Hollow HoldCrossover Scapula Pull Downsx3WOD:"Dork"6 RFT60 DU's30 KB Swings 35/5015...


4/27Warm Up:8 PVC  Kang Squats8 PVC OH lateral Squats8 Glute Bridge Walk Outs24 High Kneesx3Strength:1 Back Squat 4/1/110 DB Step Ups4...


4/26Warm Up:200m RowAirplane StepsSide PlankElevator Push UpsStrength:Kneeling DB Press 14/12/10/9/6Snatch Grip Deadlift 3x5WOD:30 0n/30 OffPlyo push...


4/24Warm Up:Kneeling Stand UpsPush UpsCrab Kicksx3Strength:Banded Booty 25 each legSplit Lunges 8/8Box/GHD Back Extensions 10Weighted Step Ups...


4/23Warm Up:Foam Roll10 Kang Squats PVC10 Band Pull ApartsSide Hollow Holdx3Strength:Weighted Eccentric Pull UpsSingle Arm Single Leg PlanksWOD:AMRAP...


4/22Warm Up:Mobilize - prep for liftStrength:Snatch Complex1 Squat Snatch with pause below knee1 Hang Squat Snatch6 sets buildingWOD:90 on 90 off6 OH...


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