• Warm Up:
  • Games - Coaches Call
  • Strength:
  • OH Squats 
  • Work up to moderate set of 5
  • 2018 Games WOD 18.3
        • WORKOUT 18.3
        • 2 rounds for time of:
        • 100 double-unders
        • 20 overhead squats
        • 100 double-unders
        • 12 ring muscle-ups
        • 100 double-unders
        • 20 dumbbell snatches
        • 100 double-unders
        • 12 bar muscle-ups
        • Time cap: 14 minutes


Warm Up:100 Single Jumps10 PVC OH Squatx36/6 SA DB OH Squat12/9 Calories on Assaultx31min L-Sit20 Sec HS Holdx3WOD:27-21-15-9Wall BallBox JumpsDB...


Warm Up:Mobility - Coaches CallStrength:3 Super SetsMax Bench PressMax Strict Pull Ups2 mins restWOD:200m Run20 TTB10 Clean and Jerks100m Farmers...


Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Deadliftheavy set of 2WOD:30 DU's15 Push Ups15 Pull Ups 100m Sprint15min AMRAP


Warm Up:Job Block with MBActive MobilityPartner WOD:3,6,9,12,15...Row for CaloriesBall SlamsDB ThrustersYou go I go...25min AMRAPFinisher:4 minutes...


Ken Williams Birthday WOD77 box jumps77 KB swings77 push ups77 squats77 wall balls77 sit ups77 deadlifts, 95 lbs


Warm Up:Coaches Call15 minsSkill:Rope ClimbsWOD:400m Run20 Bar or Ring Dips10 TGU3RFT


Warm Up:9 min - on the minute - for qualityHollow Hold HS Hold with Taps or Push Up Hold with TapsGHD Static HoldStrength:Snatch ComplexSnatch...


Warm Up:5 Inchworms with 5 strict Push Ups10 Perfect Lunges50 m Walking lunges50m Jog Backwardsx2Strength:Front Squat Heavy set of 2WOD:5 KB...


Warm Up:Mobilize what hurts from "7"Coaches Call FunStrength:Strict Seated DB Press5x5WOD:400m Run25 Ball Slams25 Push Ups25 Squats 4RFT


Class at 9 today"The Seven"Seven rounds for time of:7 Handstand push-ups135 pound Thruster, 7 reps7 Knees to elbows245 pound Deadlift, 7 reps7...


Warm Up:Coaches Call - funStrength:Squat Snatchwork up to clean set of 3WOD:300m Row15 Snatches (light)15 T2B15min AMRAP


Warm Up:400m RunMax L-Sitx3Strength:Bent Over Row 10/10Weighted Glute Bridges 5-104 setsWOD:1 minute stationsAssault BikeSki ErgRope WavesSledge...


Warm Up:500m Row 80-85% x2Strength:Clean & JerkHeavy set of 2WOD:30 Ball Slams20 Burpees over Bar10 Power Cleans3RFT


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