• Warm Up:
  • Banded Side Steps 25/25
  • Banded Bridges 25
  • Hollow Rock Holds 30 secs
  • Kipping Hollow / Arches 5-10
  • x3
  • Strength:
  • Weighted Glute Bridges 10
  • Bent Over Row 10/10
  • Strict leg Raises 5-10
  • x4
  • WOD:
  • 1 minute stations, continuous clock.  2 minutes rest between rounds.
  • 2 rounds
  • rope waves
  • rowing
  • tire flips
  • Squat Jumps
  • Sit Ups


1/22/2019Warm Up:Active Mobility 1 Bosu Burpee+10 Mtn Climbers x1015 Ball Slams x3Strength:PistolsWeighted Strict Push UpsFront Squat...


7am Class Only Today?MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. wod?2 Rounds for Time19 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)29 Strict Pull-Ups39 calorie Row19 Man Makers (2 x...


1/19/2019Warm Up:Coaches CallPractice Movements and Standards for WODWOD:10-20-30-40-50DB Snatches (35/50)15-15-15-15-15Burpee Box Overs20min Time Cap


1/18/2019Warm Up:Coaches Call Core WorkWOD:Run Block50 Wall Ball30 Sit Upsx3


1/17/2019Warm Up: 5 push ups10 Squats15 KB Swingsx4Strength:Push Press 3x4WOD:400m Row or Run12 SDHP KB24 Alt Reverse Goblet Lunges12 Anchored...


1/16/2019Warm up:Coaches Call active mobility HSPU review/practiceWOD:5 HSPU10 DL (135/185)10 K2E30 DU's7 RFT


1/15/2019Warm Up:Active Mobility Muscle Up drills20minsStrength:Hang Power Cleans3-3-3-3-3-3-3WOD:50 Squats7 Muscle Ups9 Shoulder to Overhead3RFT


1/14/2019Warm Up:Weighted Stick menInchworms with RotationMB CleansBear CrawlPlank with Ball Taps1 minute x2Strength:L-Sit 30-60secs15 Back...


1/12/2019Warm Up:Coaches Call Active Warm Upthen:10-1Weighted Box Step OversPush Ups with feet elevatedWOD:Games 18.2a1-10DB Squats (50/35#)Bar Facing...


1/11/2019Warm Up:100m Farmers Carry10 Sprawlsx3PVC Pipe Burgener Warm Up & Snatch ReviewStrength:Snatch 5x5WOD:21-15-9SnatchesPull UpsWall Ball


1/10/2019Warm Up:Active MobilityPractice Rope Climbs & Squat CleansWOD:2-4 Rope Climbs8 Squat Cleans10 TGU (5/5)20 Box Jump Overs4RFT


1/9/2019Warm Up:Active MobilityKB Swing & Sit up10-1WOD:400m Row12 Alt KB or DB Snatches24 DU's 36 Mtn Climbers12 Alt KB or DB Snatches24...


1/8/2019Warm Up:Tabata Style - 3 roundsMB Cleans, Sit Ups and PlankStrength:10 Bulgarian Split Squats (5/5)30 Banded Side Steps (15/15)x3WOD:25min...


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