• Warm Up:
  • Active Mobility Coaches Call Drills
  • Discuss 19.1
  • Review Wall Ball and Rowing Technique 
  • WOD: (everyone)
  • "Annie"
  • 50-40-30-20-10
  • DU's and Sit Ups
  • WOD 2: (those who want to)
  • 50-40-30-20-10
  • KB Swings
  • Ball Slams


Warm Up:Foam RollJunk Yard DogStrength:DB Bench Flys/Press3-5 sets, 8-10 repsWOD:1minute Bench Dips1 minute Box Jumps1 minute Plank6 rounds


Warm Up:Coaches CallPractice MU techniqueStrength:Press 10x3 (65--75%)Push Press 10x3 (65-75%)WOD:3 Ring Muscle Ups (coaches call mod)12/16 cal on...


Warm Up:50ft Sand Bag Bear Hug Walk50ft Single Arm OH DB Walk (25/25)30 sec Hollow Hold30 Sec HS Holdx3Strength:Split Jerk4x5Alternate L/R ForwardHold...


Warm Up:Coaches Call Mobility Strength:Ring Dips 5x5Ring Rows 10-8x4WOD:5 Burpees10 Pull Ups15 Push Ups20 Squats15min AMRAP


Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Snatch Review then;Muscle Snatch to OH Squat x33-5 sets depending on time - go up in weight as neededWOD:1000m Row50...


Warm Up:Coaches Call - Pushing and Core Exercises15minutesStrength:Bench Press 4x4**do a set of max strict push ups after each setWOD:20 Swings20...


Happy Valentines Day!Warm Up:Coaches CallPartner WOD:(A) "Tunnel of Love," For Time:1000 meter Row (Partner 2 Jumps Rope*)*Switch every 500 meters;...


Warm Up:Coaches Call Drills for RunningRun Block for time - record timeWOD 1:Tabata Style - PlankHigh Plank Shoulder TapsArch HoldHollow...


Warm Up:Hip & Low Back Mobility drillsMB Squat Clean Review30 MB Squat Clean ThrustersStrength:Front Squat 5x5WOD:5 Strict Pull Ups10 Strict Push...


Warm Up:5 Inchworms10 Perfect Lunges100m Side Shufflex3Skill:L SitWOD:5 TGU10 Burpees over KB100m Run15min AMRAP


?Pet Rock?For time:Buy-in 1600m relay row (200m at a time)30/30 Pull Ups40/40 Push-ups50/50 Anchored abmat sit-ups60/60 Box jumps (24 inch/20...


2/8/2019Warm Up:Coaches Call MobilityPractice/Strength:Jump Rope - Single, Double, Triple UndersPlanks - variousWOD:30 Squats20 Burpees30 KB Swings20...


Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Bench Press10-10-8-8-4-4WOD:1 min Max Thrusters1 min Rest1 min Max Front Racked Alternating Lunges1 min Rest1 min Max...


Warm Up:1 min KB Burpee Deadlift30 secs rest30 secs Shoulder Taps30 secs Hollow Hold30 secs restx3Strength:OHS 5x5WOD:20minAMRAP10 DB OHS (5/5)15 Box...


Warm Up:Active MobilityBanded Shoulder and Lat Activation & ROM exercisesStrength/Skill:Pull Ups - Strict, Kipping and Butterfly Work on...


2/4/2019Warm Up:Coaches CallHS Warm UpRope Climb Practice:Core:1min HS Hold21 Toes 2 Barx5WOO:21 Back Squats1 Legless Rope Climbx4


Warm Up:3 rounds:- 5 Push Ups to Downward Dog- 5 ?Wall Hip-Hops?- 8 Hollow Body Band Pull-DownsSkill:EMOM 12 minutes:- Minute 1: 50-60% of max kipping...


Warm Up:Wall Ball DrillsHollow Rocks and ArchesRunning DrillsWOD:400m Run25 DB Thrusters 50 DU'sx4


Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Strict Press 3x3Push Press 3x3Push Jerk 2x2WOD:10-1 T2BBurpees


Warm Up:Coaches Call Active Mobility then - 3 rounds:- 3 Scapular circles (in each direction)- 5  V-upsSkill:Toes to BarA) 2 rounds; 5-8 kip...


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